Welcoming New Students!

A new school year has started. There are new children in the kindergartens following our weekly music appreciation lessons, and the oldest kindergarten children became first-graders in primary school. Forty of these first-graders joined the after school program and are receiving instrument lessons (violin, cello, double bass, Arabic percussion or clarinet), choir, music theory and orchestra training twice a week. Almost 100 children are enrolled in the free of charge after school program. The second- and third-graders are also participating in folklore dance lessons this year, and the third-graders receive an extra day of music lessons and orchestra training. We serve the children fresh fruit and healthy home cooked meals, so they have enough energy to learn and play music!
Inspired by El Sistema, we start teaching the first-graders on paper instruments which we craft together. The first weeks, we teach the children songs, how to hold the (paper) instrument, how to participate in a group and other important skills to prepare them for playing on real instruments.
For pictures of the first month of the school year 2015-2016, please click on the following links:

Choosing and Creating Instruments

First Lessons of the New School Year