In-person lessons started again

Our children and their families celebrated Eid el Fiter, a holiday that comes at the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Sadly, the Eid celebrations came with mixed emotions for Palestinians, as it was tainted by sadness for those who were killed and injured during the recent escalation of conflict and violence in our region.
After the Eid, Sounds of Palestine welcomed the students back at the Garden of Music to have their music, theory and art lessons, play the orchestra and socialize together. The staff team had really missed the children and loved seeing them in person and the children were very happy to be back, too.
Appreciation certificates were given to the students who were active on their online music lessons as a compliment and an incentive.
The students enjoyed the SoP wheel game that was made by staff in order to motivate the students. Many of the students won little gifts and loved the game and many of them were placed on the reward board.
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