Umbrella Organization

The umbrella organization of Sounds of Palestine is Katharina-Werk Basel, a Christian ecumenical community with an interreligious orientation which was founded in 1913. Interreligious encounter and peace-building both in Switzerland and abroad are the main part of its activities. As an accredited charitable organization it guarantees the proper use of donations.

Sounds of Palestine started operations in Bethlehem in 2012 under the trusteeship of Katharina-Werk Basel. After the initial five years of the project, the trusteeship was transferred to the “Katharina-Werk Sounds of Palestine” association, which is an organization belonging to Katharina-Werk Basel. It is an independent, neutral, and tax-exempt association, that manages the business of Sounds of Palestine. For the work on the ground in Palestine it uses the representative office of Katharina-Werk in Palestine.

Representative Office

Katharina-Werk Basel is officially registered as an international organization in Palestine and maintains a legal representative office in Palestine where it is represented by Saher Khair, who is also the Senior Program Manager of Sounds of Palestine, as the Representative and by Bisher Qassis as the Deputy Representative.
The treasurer of Katharina-Werk Palestine Branch is Jamal Abu Farha.