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Yarda and Lifta at the Christmas Village

The Yarda and the Lifta Orchestra performed on December 9 and 11, 2022 at the Christmas Village at the Salesian Convent in Bethlehem.

Autumn Activities

Since the school year started in September, there has been lots of music and fun for all groups.

Music Summer School 2022 – groups Lifta and Yarda

On July 24, the children of the Lifta and Yarda groups gave a festive concert at the end of their music summer school.

February Lessons

In February the students enjoyed their lessons and the orchestra – and Palestine TV visited us to film our activities.

Back After Holidays

We welcomed our students back after the holidays and they participated in the activities with lots of excitement and joy.

Presence Teaching Started Again

We welcomed our students back for presence teaching.

Online Classes Continue

Sounds of Palestine students returned to receive online classes with great enthusiasm and interaction

Online Music Lessons

Sounds of Palestine continues to give online music lessons to its students

End of Winter Time at The Garden of Music

Break from music lessons, playing music and singing together

From Hand Made Instruments to Real Ones

After one month using their own instruments, creating the relationship with the instruments, SoP move to the real instruments.