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(Tax-deductible in Switzerland; for tax-deductible donations for donors living in Germany and USA please see “Donations via bank transfer” below)

Please note: Payments and donations are run via Paypal. To place the donations, your computer, tablet or smartphone will automatically be connected to Paypal. (You don’t need to have a Paypal account, you also can use your credit card.)

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2 Clarinet Reeds
We need clarinet reeds so our children can continue to play in the orchestra.
CHF 5 5 2 Clarinet Reeds
An Arabic traditional instrument for our class of percussion students.
CHF 25 25 Tablah
Warm Meals
Pays for home cooked meals and snacks for 25 children in our afternoon program.
CHF 50 50 Warm Meals
Covers one day of four music workshops for 90 children in our kindergarten program.
CHF 75 75 Kindergarten
Music Lessons
Let one child receive instrument lessons for one month.
CHF 100 100 Music Lessons
Covers free transportation for 20 children for one month of music lessons
CHF 200 200 Transportation
Donate a cello which will be used by one of our talented cello students.
CHF 500 500 Cello
Double Bass
Donate a double bass for the first children's double bass class in Palestine!
CHF 1200 1200 Double Bass
Open Gift
You decide how much you want to give.
CHF 0 Open Gift
* The suggested gifts are examples of what your money can cover in our project. The gifts you choose have the highest priority; however, the money you donate might be used for a different activity, depending on more urgent needs, but always spent directly on project.

Donations via bank transfer

The project is financed by donations. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation by bank transfer:


Katharina-Werk Deutschland e.V.
Intended use: Sounds of Palestine
IBAN DE12 3862 1500 0000 2394 50


Katharina-Werk Sounds of Palestine
Neubadstrasse 95
CH-4054 Basel
IBAN CH64 0900 0000 8918 8693 1


Donors living in the USA can make tax-deductible donations via our Omprakash donation page.
You can use this Link to be directed to this page.

Data protection

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