Get involved!

Become part of the Sounds of Palestine community! There are many ways to support our work and help our young musicians to continue their music studies:

  • Give someone a special gift, and support our program through an online donation.
  • Organize a benefit event or concert; we can send you pictures or videos to showcase.
  • Are you a music teacher? Arrange a Sounds of Palestine themed student’s concert: your students get a chance to learn about other young musicians, living in a completely different environment but sharing the love of music. Ask parents and audience for donations or let them ‘sponsor’ your student who is performing. Maybe your young students are playing the same pieces as the Sound of Palestine students? We can send you a video to show during the student’s concert, so your students will feel connected with our children.
  • Do you have an instrument to donate? Please contact us and we can find out if there is a way to transport it to Bethlehem.
  • Do you have music equipment such as violin/cello/double bass strings, rosin, clarinet reeds or music sheets? Please contact us so we can give you an address to send it to.
  • Join us as a volunteer! Are you a musician with experience in group teaching? Send us your CV and your available time. If you are not a musician or not able to travel, you can still volunteer with us in different fields such as documentation, fund raising, public relations and reporting. Send us your CV and the field you would like to volunteer in.

Thank you very much!